Some displaced Nuer brought arms across the border

Now, you will see more prosecutions because of the attorney general’s commitment to zero tolerance. “Advocacy groups blasted the moves as cruel and heartless, especially in cases where the family is seeking asylum in the United States. Rep. Some displaced Nuer brought arms across the border, destabilising an already tense region. “The fact that the Nuer and Anuwak exist on both sides of the border makes it easy for people of both communities to pass backwards and forwards, taking with them their conflicts both between the two tribes but also at the national level,” says John Ashworth, who has been working in South Sudan and the surrounding region for the last 30 years. Credit: /IPSBy GAMBELLA, Ethiopia, May 6 2019 (IPS)Right up against the border with South Sudan, the western Gambella region cheap canada goose of Ethiopia has become a watchword for trouble and no go areas as its neighbour’s troubles have spilled over.

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