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FBI director Christopher Wray is prepared to issue a rebuttal if the White House releases Rep. Devin Nunes’s classified memo alleging inappropriate surveillance of the Trump campaign by the FBI and Justice Department, according to CBS News senior national security analyst Fran Townsend. The FBI issued a statement Wednesday that they have “grave concerns” about the memo and the “material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.”.

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replica zara bags The seizure on Thursday at Hong Kong International Airport came less than one month after customs uncovered a massive smuggling operation from Africa, seizing a record quantity of pangolin scales, along with more than 1 000 ivory tusks. Two male passengers travelling from Johanneburg, aged 28 and 33, were arrested by customs officers at the airport.”It’s shocking to us that today’s 40kg rhino horn seizure equates to about 20% of the total amount of rhino horn seized in Hong Kong from 2013 to the end of October 2019,” conservation group WildAid said.The former British colony on China’s southern coast is one of the world’s primary transit points for the illegal wildlife trade, including shark’s fin and rhino horn that are trafficked across Asia and mainland China often to supply the traditional Chinese medicine sector.Hong Kong remains a global blackspot with organised criminal gangs taking advantage of the special administrative region’s geographic location, logistics network and relatively lax enforcement.All species of rhino are listed under Appendix 1 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species which means trade is banned. There are fewer than 29 000 rhinos alive in the wild and in captivity, according to conservationists’ figures.China business interestChina has made significant strides in wildlife protection in recent years, but it also has formidable profit driven wildlife business interests.After pressure from some breeders, China’s State Council said in October that it would replace a 1993 ban on the trade of tiger bones and rhino horn, opening up exceptions under “special circumstances”, including medical research.But in November, Beijing was forced to drop the plan following widespread protest from conservation groups replica zara bags.

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