More than 300 people in 55 teams are conducting the survey

Looking back over the most recent 125,000 years of the fossil record, Smith found that when humans arrived someplace, the rate of extinction for big mammals rose. She says it basically came down to hunger. “Certainly humans exploit large game,” she says, “probably because they are tasty” and because a bigger animal makes for a bigger meal.

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canada goose clearance JAISALMER: The Census on Schedule I species, including Godawan (Great Indian Bustard), began on Sunday at the Desert National Park (DNP) and other areas of Barmer, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. The survey will be marked by mammoth efforts by volunteers and frontline staff to systematically canada goose collect data by covering over 20,000 sq km landscape in seven days. More than 300 people in 55 teams are conducting the survey. canada goose clearance

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