There was an increase of 110 funds from the end of Jan

Namely, that my car was now entirely out of the spot I parked in, and facing a different direction. A police officer kindly pointed to a dent above my car wheel well and declared it where the Chevy wheel had hit. Both cars were totalled. Aug no flash how am I going to clear and repeak mid? How am I going to check for b main exec kids outta position moving too early? How am I going to hold a when the push comes in? What am I going to scope with my Aug and get Insta dinked? Or am I going to flash and spray 2 kids full blind?Since so many people gave me downvotes on my opinion this kind of cheating deserves a ban aswell I went forward just asking Valve how they will punish those cheaters.Option 1: Just undo the vertigo games in that timeOption 2: Every Round where a team planted on Vertigo B will be considered as a lossOption 3: Derank those People straight away (might be the plan of some of them .)Option 4: Ban them for griefing (in fact it was not griefing. Its clear cheating)Option 5: Ban them for cheating (like first Griefing ban NOT permanent)Option 1 would be fair. Would just lead to a heavy waste of time for all those who were playing multiple Vertigo Maps.Option 2 totally fair, just make the cheaters lose for cheating.

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