Ilvl draining stats like resilience

That a difference between simple and simpler. People don want those early PoE leagues like Onslaught or Talisman, but they don want a league with a major feature that requires a lot of outside reference to be able to really appreciate the league and what it brings to the table. Betrayal started this trend with all the leaders at different safehouses giving different things, and now synthesis brought it even further with the implicit crafting.

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Hermes Birkin Replica There are already lots of (I think valid) complaints that getting to full heroic set is too doable outside of heroic raids, which makes the excitement of pushing heroic lessened. Putting some vendor in would exacerbate that issue as well and further push heroic raids as a thing you do to maybe get some upgrades on your mythic alts or as one and done content.With all that said, I think that the only way to add vendors would be to resign that making all sources of gearing equally viable is just not plausible in the current game and with the communities expectations. Ilvl draining Hermes Kelly Replica stats like resilience, pvp power or both or wod gear system where stuff is very low ilvl outside of PvP activities would need to return.I loved the idea of Warmode. Hermes Birkin Replica

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